About Us

From humble Texas beginnings, come great things and new paths to greater opportunity. The idea of one day opening the Chemist Barbershop was just an afterthought back in the summer of 2016. Whilst working overseas in Dubai and Afghanistan, the Zuniga brothers set this “idea” into fruition. Meanwhile, the Master Barber AB broke ground in the Albuquerque area for new clients and to gather the Team. Now, the likeminded brothers who run and operate the business set out to break the status-quo and surpass all expectations. Hence the birth of a new era of barbering and service. Our passion to excel at all we do permeates from our staff onto the customer in order to provide the best haircut you can get in-country. We ensure that our barbers will work for your business and trust while maintaining that lifelong commitment for years to come. We hope that our service and shop atmosphere serves you and your family well!

The Chemist Barbershop, where your barbers integrate the perfect amount of elements for that immaculate “Poof” 

We strive to be Albuquerque’s barbershop of choice!