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Come See What’s Brewing at The Chemist Barbershop

Our passion to excel at all we do permeates from our staff onto the customer in order to provide the best haircut you can get in Albuquerque. We ensure that our barbers will work for your business and trust while maintaining that lifelong commitment for years to come. We hope that our service and shop‘s atmosphere serves you and your family well.
Now sit back, relax, and let our barbers integrate the perfect amount of elements for that immaculate “POOF”.

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Chain Reactions

This is the best barbershop I've been to in Albuquerque. Very clean atmosphere, good music, & good vibes. All of the barbers are great, you can follow them on social media to check out all great work they do. That's how I found out about them and been going back ever since. -Edgar Marin
My boyfriend has been getting his hair cut by Abraham for a while now. First time visiting the shop, my first thought was Heisenberg. Very nice shop. great customer service, great vibes & music. Definitely recommend & they have little table games to play while you wait. Thought that was pretty cool. -Woke Terry
This place is absolutely nice, I'm so comfortable taking my son here. Everyone is amazing and it's a super clean environment; my son loves going here. Before this place he hated getting his hair done, they take good care of him here; thank you guys this is our new spot. -Brittany Mentz
The best barber shop in this whole town Abe is a savage and he's work speaks for itself. The whole barber shop makes you feel welcome and customer service is very high. I would highly recommend this shop for all. Thank you guys. -Edwin Colon
Best Barbershop in town! Full service is reasonably priced. Family friendly environment and quite honestly the best shop in town between the great haircuts, great show on TV (Breaking Bad) and great music playing it’s the best place to go to look your best. -Corey Ellis
Being a father to a very active son, it's hard to find a barber that's reliable to get a cut at short notice. Every cut I've received doesn't need to be looked at. Just get up, pay and go. I've only used one barber in the shop, but sitting and seeing, every barber is outstanding. They definitely have the recipe for dope cuts. -Christopher Johnson
Awesome place with a good environment and music playing! I always text ahead to make an appointment and they usually accommodate me same day. They have some tables set up with games for kids as well. They have awesome Breaking Bad art on the walls. -Addi Moya
Very clean shop, great customer service and a lot of product in stock. I will be back for sure, 5 stars. -Phil Salazar
Abraham is an excellent barber. Very professional. Always punctual and thorough service. Shop is very nice and spacious. Always clean with a family environment. Would highly recommend. -James
I have been too many barber shops, in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and have even driven to Los Alamos to try out a new barber. And well honestly Daisy has given me the cleanest fade and the best customer service. The environment is nice always clean and the best part of it is being able to have a genuine conversation with your barber and Daisy is the best one I’ve had yet. Even better than when I got a fade in Orlando FL with the best master barber there.. strongly recommended this shop and most especially her. - Fernando Gonzalez
Got lined up on vacation by Niko. I don't like getting my hair cut out of town, but he lined me up perfectly better than my barber back home. Thanks big dog !!! - Big Will
Very welcoming! Great cuts and top customer service. -Amber Latham

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