Elegance Facial Kit




Elegance Facial Kit | Facial Scrub Cleanser | Purifying Charcoal Black Mask

ELEGANCE Professional Facial Treatment kit offers you a salon quality facial in the comfort of your own home. Kit includes a facial scrub and easy peel off black mask to help you  sloughing off dead skin cells and enjoy a smoother, softer and healthy glowing skin. Facial kit includes a cleanser facial scrub and a purifying charcoal black mask. Perfect for removing dead skin cells, impurities, and blackheads.

  • Eliminate Blackheads
  • Remove Dead Skin Cells
  • Deep Pore Cleaning
  • Remove Impurities
  • Easy Peel Off Black Mask
  • Restore and Balance  Skin
  • Refreshing Fragrance

Includes: 1 x Black Mask – 250ml and 1 x Facial Scrub – 500ml.

Directions: Gently massage the face with facial scrub in a circular motion, avoiding delicate skin around the eyes, and rinse well with warm water. Apply and even layer (thicker at edges) of black mask, avoiding eyes, lips and hairline area. Wait for 15-20 minutes, let it dry completely and peel-off, gently peeling starting from the bottom.